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'''The Trews''' are a Canadian hard rock band from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, consisting of vocalist Colin MacDonald (musician)|Colin MacDonald, guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, bassist Jack Syperek, and drummer Gavin Maguire (musician)|Gavin Maguire. The band is currently based in Toronto, Ontario.
AliasOne I'd Trouser
OriginAntigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
GenreHard rock, alternative rock, Country music|Country
Years active1997–present
LabelBumstead, Universal Music Group|Universal (Canada)
Associated actsJeff Heisholt, Gavin Maguire
Current membersColin MacDonald (musician)|Colin MacDonald
John-Angus MacDonald
Jack Syperek
Gavin Maguire (musician)|Gavin Maguire
Past membersRamsey Clark
Rose Murphy
Sean Dalton}}
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